Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny business in WAR

So there I was, walking along minding my own business in Dragonwake, when this cute little bunny hopped up behind me, looking mischievous. I followed along behind him for a while, to see what he would do.

A passing Shining Warspear wanted to know what I was doing. Did he know if this bunny was up to something strange? He pleaded ignorance, and I couldn't tell if he was telling me all he knew. I followed the bunny for a while, but he didn't lead me anywhere interesting, though there were some interesting nose twitches, and one time he even rose up on his back legs and touched me conspiratorally on the leg.

So I went on to Caledor, looking for more signs of spring in the air. I found loads of these trees in full bloom, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I gave up on finding what I was looking for in Elf land and travelled to the Empire.

In Reikland, I finally began to find what I was looking for. More bunnies.

Close by the observatory, I noticed that the rabbit population was booming. I spotted one, then two, then three within eyesight. I turned around and there were two more. By the time I'd finished counting, I'd found ten bunnies within a small radius. My girls and I were sure they were up to something, the way they kept twitching and rubbing their noses. Some sort of secret communication? Perhaps they were setting up where they would meet later to hide eggs and chocolate? Unfortunately, we'll never know, as we had to get ready to go out and thus had to leave the bunnies to their business.

Certainly it looks like a horde of bunnies descended on our house last night, given the number of eggs hidden all around, and the huge amount of chocolate that has mostly been consumed already -- and it's not even lunchtime! Perhaps later when we all crash from our sugar highs, we'll log in and find those bunnies again, and search their bodies for brightly coloured eggs.

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