Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April foolishness

Well, it seems like everyone and their brother is leaving WAR today, if only for a few hours. I wish them all well in their new endeavours, even Riv with his new Carebear blog. My youngest daughter was all over that one. At least I can show her that one. Greg over at Tome of Knowledge should make an excellent pirate. And all those going back to WoW, enjoy!

April Fool's Day with 2 kids under 10 is strained at best. I'm no good at coming up with pranks -- I can think up lots, but usually after the fact. More of a "hey, wouldn't that have been funny if xxx happened instead?".

I've read lots of fun things to do in various parenting magazines -- everything from blue milk or blue water running out of the taps to green eggs and ham (thanks, Martha Stewart), to switching around the drawers for when they go to get dressed. As I unloaded the dishwasher this morning I thought how funny would it have been if I loaded it up with stuffed animals instead of dishes and had the kids unload it for me. But who has the energy to come up with things like that ahead of time??

And my daughters seem to be taking after me in that regard. Enduring attempted prank after attempted prank all morning is agony. Just grin and bear it is my motto. Don't want to see any deflated self-images around here. I pity the poor teachers who have to put up with them all day today. But it is real fun for them.

Watching the wheels turn and churn as they try to come up with a prank on the spot is hilarious. Seeing the mischievous glint in their eyes as they try to come up with something to fool their friends is priceless.

Maybe I can come up with a really good prank before the end of the day. Wouldn't they be amazed if stodgy old mommy was able to fool them for real? If you have any ideas for me, leave a comment. I'm off to find that GM castle in Eataine.

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