Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Not that I'm taking a break from WAR, really (no really). But with Easter fast approaching I need to put on my bunny ears (shh, don't tell the girls) and get the event, if you'll excuse the wretched pun, hopping.

Really I'd rather be playing. Last year at Easter we ran around WOW collecting virtual Easter Eggs after they'd decimated the ones left by the bunny, but I doubt that WAR is fuzzy bunny enough to have decorated eggs lying around. Still I hope to get at least one hour of our normal Sunday morning time in the aftermath of the Egg Hunt, and before the dreaded Parade, ok, not really dreaded -- at least this year there's no snow in the forecast.

If I don't get my hour, I'll make up for it later, when they're back at school. (insert evil laugh here)

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