Thursday, March 5, 2009

Both girls at once (Feb 16/09)

Ok, so we thought Family Day might be a good day to try getting the two of them to play together for the first time. They've played Webkinz together occasionally, but not a run around game like this. It was seriously like trying to herd cats. Have you tried that?

First off, we got them set up on the headphones, just like mommy and daddy use -- the two computers are on different floors of the house, and we have a rule about shouting in the house, so we use headphones and GoogleTalk to communicate in game. Still they thought it necessary to shout up and down the stairs at each other during their character creation.

High Elves. Again. Yep. Though the little one chose a Swordmaster this time, and the big one a White Lion. So even though they both start off in the exact same place, there was lots of "wait up!" and "hey don't go that way!" as they tried to complete the first couple of quests. Also, it took some doing to get the little one to run right up to the MOB, as she's used to making casters. She was standing back throwing things at it!! I persevered though and managed to convince her that when you have a big sword, you need to stand close and hit the MOB with said sword, and maybe even the shield sometimes too.

They almost succeeded in getting it together by the time they had to go talk to Prince Eldrion. "Look Mommy, you know he's a Prince, cause he gets to ride on a horse!" Then off they go to slaughter harpies and witch elves (with lots of comments by the older one on the witch elf attire -- she's not quite happy with their "boob protectors" -- her words -- I guarantee that's not what I call them). Aside from the little one getting turned around all the time and running the wrong direction, that goes well enough for mommy to step in and say "Well maybe the two of you can work together to do the Tears of Lys quest in the tower."

Oh yeah. Big mistake. Though I didn't know it at the time. They did work well together going down the spiral staircase, and even to get to all the scrolls and read them. It fell apart a bit though, when the time came to collect the tears. I had to explain that there were lots of tears and absolutely no need to worry about who gets which one, as long as each girl gets two. So the older one grabs her two and the little one heads off in a different direction to get her last one, and pulls the entire room, which is repopping around them. Her Swordmaster valiantly fights on, waiting for a lion or even a pretty girl with a long axe to come and help out. But big sister is nowhere to be seen. Little sister dies and logs off in frustration, one tear away from completing the quest, and many tears streaming down her face. Makes me want to log in for her when she's not there and do it when she's not looking, so she doesn't have to try to do it again.

No matter, she'll probably make a different character the next time she gets to play anyway, right?

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