Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentine poetry written for my hubby (Feb 14/09)

Love in a Dangerous Time

The blazing sun
On my shield hard won
My armour and sword at the ready.

The cannons blast
Swords and shields clash
The undead horde are making me sweaty.

Chaos creeps in
Among the din
And unspeakable horrors are thriving.

When all at once
Down the road comes
A runepriest with a large staff is arriving.

He is stern and calm
But funny and warm
He has come to save the day.

He flashes a grin
Through the beard on his chin
And together we charge into the fray.

Surrounded by foes
He hardly knows
How my heart pounds for him neath my steel

I long to tell him
But right now there is a hellhound
So the battle begins with a squeal

When he is here
The way is clear
And I can hold the line for the Empire

I do not care who knows
We will vanquish our foes
Though mismatched our hearts are on fire

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