Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mommy's turn (Feb 18/09)

Finally! I get some playtime, but I'm all by my lonesome with the kids at school and the hubby at work. Time to get to work on all those travel quests that we don't bother with when we're playing together. And I need to get caught up, since I changed my character again and I'm about 10 levels behind.

So onto the helicopter thing that has a seat somewhat like a saddle, I'm guessing. Otherwise why would my legs be pointing out that way? Definately not ladylike. At least my Knight wears pants. The elves look really silly with their skirts all stretched out like that. Oh I long for my old destro character and getting to fly on a drake. Not a contraption. But I digress. During one of my flights I noticed that the tips on the loading screen have been updated recently. (Yeah, I read them compulsively, unless it's time for a bio break or something like that. I'm the ultimate captive audience.)

One tip told me to get a good chair (which I'm in total agreement with, but that would mean I'd have to go shopping and not play WAR, and I couldn't hope to get one anywhere near as nice as hubby's special order chair that replaced the one that broke and pushed him forward into the keyboard), and there were other sundry tips, but the best one by far is the warning about the Tome of Knowledge.

It says "The Tome of Knowledge is watching you... recording everything you do..." In my head it sounded like Vincent Price was saying it, much like the closing poem on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, which is a show I watched as a kid growing up in rural Ontario, Canada. Anyways, it made me laugh out loud, and I'm looking forward to more updated tips on the loading screen, to make my loading process more enjoyable.

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