Thursday, March 5, 2009


I suppose it was inevitable, really. With both mom and dad playing MMOs since before they were born, it was inevitable that both girls would become interested in gaming at an early age. Though I didn't nurse them while playing (though others I knew did -- and many kudos to them for playing one-handed -- I'd rather spend playtime sleeping and so missed out on a couple of years), both hubby and I got back to playing by the time they could walk. Well, I got back to playing -- he was playing the whole time.

So I have lots of memories of showing both girls various places in EQ2, briefly DAOC (second baby came around then and I didn't play that one for very long, though I really liked it at the time), Vanguard (very briefly), LOTRO, WOW (a very brief stint, as hubby had already played for a while and was getting tired of it), and now WAR. I'm sure our oldest learned to read early just so she could figure out what we were doing. We first figured out she could read when she read over Daddy's shoulder "You can win an i-Pod". She's always had characters since she was about 3 years old -- mostly as an attempt to teach turn taking so that mommy could get a turn once in a while too. She's always gravitated to the characters that look like they can do the most damage. The younger one prefers to make the prettiest characters she can. Though they have both made goblin characters (usually squig herders), cause they think they look funny. The youngest one even asked Santa for a stuffed squig to sleep with, though he didn't quite manage to come up with that.

Most of the time when they're playing they just run around and do quests. The older one (she's 8) loves to complete quests and races around like a bat out of hell and before you know it her character is level 6. The younger one keeps creating new characters and doing the same quests over and over, but she feels like she's accomplishing something, so why fight it?

Since they're not allowed to play without an adult around, they either talk to daddy on the headphones while they run around together, or mommy has to be nearby. Now, I'm usually busy with stuff so I mainly just listen for when they need help. And just listening provides some really fun moments. Like the time a dwarf did the "/chicken" emote to the big one's squig herder and she burst out laughing and yelling "Mommy come see!" She thought it was so funny she did it to everyone who came near her for the next 20 minutes. There were some really stunned goblins, I'm sure, during that time. :)

And this blog is mostly about that -- the funny side of WAR from the perspectives of an 8-year old, a 6-year-old, and an almost-over-the-hill-tired-most-of-the-time-but-I-really-want-to-play mommy. Enjoy.


  1. Belated heya and welcome to the blogosphere! Came here from Rivs' mention in Way of the Chosen.

    There cannot be enough women bloggers (or gamers for that matter!).

  2. :) Glad you stopped by and stayed a while.