Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little one's turn (Feb 12/09)

My youngest (6) asks nearly every day to play Warhammer, just because she likes to play with her pretty friends. Every character she has made is a high elf -- those are her favourite. "They have the prettiest clothes, mommy!" Today she got very upset with me because I destroyed her starting robe without asking her (bad mommy moment). I explained that when they give you new clothes you need to wear them. She said no, she really wanted a white robe and hate hate hated the blue one that she's now wearing. I even went to the merchant to try to dye it back to white but she didn't have enough money. "It doesn't matter", she said, through wailing tears, "I don't like the gold bits on the bottom of that robe" more wailing and I'm sure some gnashing of teeth as well. I quickly managed to distract her by telling her, "Look, someone else wants to talk to you now!" and she was off again, happy as a lark. Who knows what would happen if she ever got to a high enough level on her archmage to get the robe with the undyable red stripe in the middle. I think she'd have kittens. Although, back when dye was much cheaper, both of my mains at the time got their "The fashionable" before level 10 -- and one was a Squig Herder. So I think I know where she gets it -- the fashion thing, though, not the wailing.

No matter, she rolled a shadow warrior about 10 minutes later. What will she say when her carefully chosen features get covered up with a mask?

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