Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Break -- What Break??

How can it be? A whole week with no school and we didn't get any gaming done? Well, not any PC gaming that is. Lots of Wii and DS gaming. Lots of fun in the park gaming. Lots of arts, crafts, baking, a trip to the zoo and generally being in mom's lap the whole week, but very little Warhammer.

We had good intentions. I had a whole series of blog posts crafted in my head of the great times we were to have had. My plan was to have them give their own impressions of each player race by starting from the character creation screen and running through some lower levels. But then my oldest said "Yuck! She's got boob protectors and my youngest said "I think she's pretty" (I'm sure you can just imagine the whiny pouty voice) and that session ended fairly quickly.

And we never really got going again. Though I've agreed they get to have some time tomorrow, the last day before school is back in. As long as I get my coffee and WAR time first, I'm game for that.


  1. Boob protectors! LMAO!

    /deflating sound of game session ending abruptly