Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mommy's turn (Feb 22/09)

Ah, Sunday morning! Cartoons and wanton kid abandonment* while playing WAR with my hubby. The routine goes like this: settle kids in front of the tv with the remote and the bribe of pancakes to come later "After mommy & daddy play Warhammer for an hour, ok?"; making sure we both have a cup of coffee; then putting on the headphones and calling upstairs with the "all ready" signal.

And the adventure begins! Today's adventure was actually adventurous, as opposed to the "run around as quick as possible to get as many quests done as we can before I have to make pancakes for the kids" -- whew! Today Liena (Knight) and Fullstaff (Runepriest) are in Avelorn, working on High Elf ch. 12. One of our quests took us to the "Well of Whispers" PQ and we decided to nudge the quest to stage 2 after completing our quest, just for the INF bonus. As stage 2 started, we thought, hmmmm, it might just be possible for the two of us to do this stage -- seeing no champion MOBs around.

So we proceeded to beat up on the Mystics and place their staffs in the piles of dirt. When the first round of rampaging (ok, probably ravaging) centigors came, we were a little taken aback, but with my guard and his healing, we managed to make it through fairly easily. (Note, I really want to get some centigor models and paint them, they were really cool.) "We can do this" we joked to each other over the headphones. But what would happen once we finished this stage?

Only one champion MOB was to be found so we thought maybe, just maybe, this could work -- we really have no problem with most champions just the two of us. So we proceed to pound on the named bad guy for a bit (can't remember his name and too lazy to look it up -- doesn't matter anyway). Then he backs away and we can't attack anymore, and then all I can I see LEGS! Two very large legs. The beast was so big I couldn't even see its head on the screen. Very cool looking guy though, I was thinking (cool to paint too!) when hubby said "um, wait a minute, this guy's a HERO". Yikes! Yikes! Two of us can't take a hero!!!!! Run away!!!

I kept attacking anyways, so that hubby would be able to get away and maybe res me later. But oddly, I wasn't going down quickly, cause OMG he's still standing there healing. And so we kept on. And on. And on! My morale 2 shield wall shows up and I pop it, and still we manage to stay alive. For what seems like an hour (though I'm sure it was only 10 minutes or so), we beat on this thing, whittling away at its HPs while Fullstaff amazingly manages to keep me alive. Some combination of whatever combination of tactics I'm trying out, what morale abilities we have up and sheer timing on his amazing heals keeps us going.

In the end, we are actually victorious. Against this enormous monster that wouldn't even fit on my screen, we amazingly prevail. All hail the good guys! (That's us!) We get a chest! And I get a blue bag! With a very nice cloak I can't wear for three more levels, but with even more -- a sense that this team (of all the teams in our long MMORPG-playing careers) is a winner! Can you tell it was exciting!?!?!

And then I went and made pancakes. Great big monster sized pancakes!

*Note: TV time is rationed in our house, so it's a huge treat for the girls to watch cartoons to their hearts content while munching dry cereal and cut up fruit (we also never eat in front of the TV so double treat). But the real treat is for me (I'm sneaky that way).

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